Meet The Team

Hello Casey Huff here along with Hazel. I fell in love with real estate years ago and have never looked back. Helping those in need has always been something I have enjoyed doing and real estate I found is that avenue that I am best able to do so. I treat everyone with respect and will be honest and transparent about your property, just as you are family.

I grew up helping my grandfather remodel houses as I was the “material mule”. At a young age I enjoyed seeing the transformation of a distressed property into something new and refreshing. It taught me the core values that I live by today, working hard until the job is done and always having an open mind when approaching problems as there are multiple ways to solve them.

At NTX Home Buyers, I bring these core values to the door everyday. Real estate is always evolving and new issues arise daily. That is why I have put a team around me that shares the same values and puts the home owners first. Whether you have a burdensome property, inherited a property you no longer want, or have a financial hardship, I am confident we can help find you a solution, even if we do not buy the property from you.

Edgar Gomez got into real estate at an early age. He fell in love with real estate as a child while helping his step-dad manage his rental properties. Edgar’s job was to remove the old carpet and padding and help install the new carpet. Here he developed a passion for transforming a property back into its former glory.

After many years he decided to follow into his step-dads footsteps and has not looked back. Edgar plays a vital role in helping homeowners solve their problems and creating win-win situations for everyone. He is a valuable asset to NTX Home Buyers and loves meeting homeowners.